Useful information on part time jobs in Wicklow

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One of the best ways of finding part time jobs in Wicklow is by applying in person. It is important to be clear about the type of work you want and your pay expectations. Assessing your own skills, experience and capabilities is paramount before starting your search.

Tourism is a major industry in Wicklow. Part time jobs can be found working in many of the hotels, bars, coffee shops and guest houses scattered throughout the county.

There are also positions available for lifeguards, watersport instructors, summer camp attendants and tour guides. With a variety of festivals and attractions on offer you can find part time work erecting marquees, face painting and in entertainment.

Jobsites such as wicklowjobs.ie, jobisjob.ie, nixers.com and snagajob.com have listings of available part time jobs in the Wicklow area. They provide a job search and job by email service to suit candidates skills and requirement.

Local newspapers like The Wicklow People and the Wicklow Times advertise part time vacancies in their classifieds sections. You should also check out the FAS website, community notice boards, temping agencies and shop windows. You could be pleasantly surprised with what you find.

If outdoor work appeals to you, fishing, farming and forestry work is available. The construction industry usually picks up in the summer months so keep an eye out for any activity and don't hesitate to ask for a start.

There is also the old reliable part time jobs in Wicklow such as childcare, delivery drivers and sales. Some people make a living with a combination of part time jobs and gain a lot of experience in different industries and fields.


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