Sites offering a wide selection of part time jobs Wexford

Looking to earn a little extra cash in the Wexford region? Ireland's sunny south east has a plethora of jobs to offer job seekers, and they aren't just limited to the stereotypical strawberry picking (but we will take a look at that!), so in this blog we are going to show you how to go about getting part time jobs in Wexford.

Thanks to the fertile soil and the bustling port of Rosslare, Wexford is a hot bed of employment opportunities in areas unique to the country. Every summer thousands of workers are employed on a part time basis picking strawberries in the county. A brilliant place to keep an eye out for strawberry picking vacancies is the Wexford Echo newspaper's website at www.wexfordecho.ie. Here you will find all of the seasonal jobs offered in the county.

Another brilliant resource if you are looking for a summer job in Wexford is to check out what is happening on the Rosslare Harbour website at www.rosslareharbour.ie. Rosslare Harbour has recently undergone a massive refurbishment, and there are always seasonal openings here for part time staff in the summer. It is best to get your applications in early as plenty of young people apply for these posts, so don't miss out!

Finally, it is always worth throwing an eye on Irish Jobs at irishjobs.ie. All you have to do is search for Wexford jobs to get an idea of the more professional part time openings around the county.


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