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Are you currently looking for part time work? There are many reasons that make people consider taking up a part time position. Maybe you are a student looking to earn some extra cash? Or perhaps, you are a new parent returning slowly to the workplace rather than nose diving straight back in? For whatever reason, we have a selection of part time jobs in Tameside for you to get stuck into!

Tameside is very close to Manchester city centre making it a great place to work and live. There are many local businesses in the area that employ part time staff on a regular basis. The following industries are where you are most likely to find part time jobs in Tameside:


The hospitality industry consists of anywhere you can eat, sleep or drink. This includes cafes, take aways, restaurants, bars, clubs and hotels. They regularly require part timers to work evenings and weekends. The hospitality industry is also great for people entering the workplace for the first time with no experience at all.


Retail is another option for readily finding part time jobs. There are many fashion outlets and other retail premises on the main street. You could also check out the Arcade Shopping Centre in Warrington Street where you will find many stalls and shops to apply to.

Before you head off with your CVs, take a minute to read over it and ensure there are no gaps or mistakes in it. A good CV is an excellent starting point for a new part time job in Tameside!

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