Are you looking for part time jobs in Swansea?

There are a number of great part time jobs in Swansea to be found. Working part time is a great way of earning some extra cash if you can't commit to a full time career. You could be expected to work anything from 8 hours up to 25 hours per week as a part time employee.

Working in customer services in a call centre is a popular choice among part time workers. These roles are usually offered in 6 month contracts and part time workers are always needed, especially to work morning, evening and weekend shifts.

To work in a call centre, some previous experience is usually required but if you have any retail experience or a third level qualification then make sure to let them know. You could expect to earn between £6 and £7 an hour basic pay.

You will find a range of call centre jobs in Swansea on recruitment websites such as jobisjob.co.uk or swanseajobs.co.uk.

The Mumbles in Swansea is another area where you will find plenty of part time jobs. There are plenty of games arcades and other activities where you could look for work. As well as that, there are plenty of cafes and restaurants and other little antique shops around the Mumbles.

Don't forget to drop your CV into some of the bars and nightclubs on the Mumbles Mile as they are always on the lookout for new staff to cope with the busy weekends! You will find more jobs available at The Mumbles by visiting mumbles.co.uk/jobs.

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