No shortage of part time jobs in the Stockport area

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Stockport, in Greater Manchester, is a major town with excellent employment opportunities, especially for people looking for part time work. These positions are ideal for students and people with family commitments who aren't in a position to work for a full week because of time constraints. The retail industry is one of the biggest sources of part time jobs in the Stockport area.

The major shopping centre in Stockport is Merseyway Shopping Centre. There are around 95 tenants in the shopping centre with some of the bigger names including Westgate Department Stores, Debenhams, Marks & Spencer, Boots and HMV.

The stores in the Merseyway Shopping Centre are constantly on the lookout for part time shop assistants and are an excellent place to begin your search for part time jobs in the Stockport area.

While you don't need an extensive list of qualifications to pick up a part time job in the retail industry, having experience is a major boost to your chances. Although, you still have a great chance of finding a job without it.

Most retail jobs in Stockport only pay the minimum wage, but you can work yourself into higher paying positions over time.

The Peel Centre is another shopping centre in the Stockport area where you'll find retailers looking for part time workers. Tenants in the Peel Centre include PC World, Comet and Argos.

Drop a carefully prepared CV into any of these places and you never know when you might receive an offer of a part time job in the Stockport area.

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