Are you looking for part time jobs in Spalding?

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Despite the economic downturn, there are still a number of part time jobs available in the Spalding area. Part time jobs are a great way for students, or those seeking supplemental income to fund their lifestyle. However, due to the tough economic circumstances in the UK at the moment, these jobs have become more difficult to obtain, due to the high volume of applications.

It is important to give yourself the best possible chance of securing the job. You should have a professional and up to date CV. There are a number of websites that help you with CV presentation, such as cvwriting.net.

When searching for jobs in the Spalding area, a great place to start is with the local newspapers and radio stations. The Spalding Guardian has a variety of part time jobs advertised, ranging from bar work, shop assistants and many other positions. Spalding also has its very own local radio station, TulipRadio broadcasting on 107.5FM, which advertises local part time jobs.

You should also hand out your CV to all the local pubs, bookies, restaurants and shops in the area. There are also five supermarkets in the town: Tesco Express, Sainsbury's, Marks and Spencer, Morrisons and a local Co-op. Outside of the town centre, Springfield’s Shopping Outlet and Gardens offer a wide range of outlet stores in which employment can be secured.

Spalding has a wide variety of part time jobs on offer. It is important to have a proactive approach when seeking a job and to keep going until you secure employment.


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