Looking for part time jobs in South London?

Thinking of relocating to London and wondering what your options are for employment? As the capital of the UK, there are more jobs here than anywhere else in the country, so finding part time jobs in South London isn't really that difficult. In this blog we'll be pointing you in the direction of some sites that are brilliant for picking up a job.

If it's a casual job that you're after, then in our view there's still a lot to be said for a good old fashioned CV drop. A lot of employment in London is filled on these casual terms, especially in places like restaurants and cafes, so putting in a little legwork can see you snag a job before you even have to look online.

However, if it's online you want to search, then we suggest checking out a couple of sites, the first of which is the Guardian newspaper's London jobsite. This site is specialised towards London jobs, and you can view their full selection at jobs.guardian.co.uk/jobs/uk/...london/south-london/part-time/. The Guardian's job site is one of the most extensive search engines for London jobs, with 309 jobs on there right now to be applied for.

Another site well worth checking out is Job Is Job, and you can check it out at jobisjob.co.uk/london/part-time/jobs. This site comes highly recommended because it allows you to search exclusively for part time positions, and even lets you put in your salary expectations, with most of the jobs on the site weighing in at £11400 - £14400 per annum.

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