We can point you in the direction of part time jobs in Sligo

If you read the papers or listen to the radio then you'll no doubt be sick of all the doom mongering surrounding the Irish economy. It seems like we're always being told that there are zero job opportunities to be found anywhere in the country, and that our best and brightest are all emigrating to Canada or Australia, and while there might be a bit of truth to that, it's certainly driven by a lot of hyperbole in a bid to sell more newspapers.

The fact is that, while the job market is still struggling, there are plenty of opportunities available for anyone who is willing to adjust their expectations to fit in with the way the economy is right now.

However, there are always plenty of positions available for those who are willing to do whatever it takes in order to get off the dole and get back into the workforce.

This is particularly true for anyone searching for part time jobs in Sligo. While you're not going to find any positions that pay great money, there are always going to be opportunities in the retail sector for anyone who is searching for a minimum wage job.

We recommend that you call into your local supermarket in order to enquire about the availability of part time positions working as a sales assistant. Since these are the most common roles in the retail industry in Ireland, there are usually plenty of them to be found.

If you're not sure where to start, we recommend checking out the following;

  • Supervalu, Teeling Street, Tubbercurry
  • Spar, Cartron Hill, Sligo Town
  • Tesco, Bank Building, O'Connell Street, Sligo Town
  • Supervalu, Whiteside, Ballisodare Town Centre
  • Supervalu, Mullaney Grange Village, Sligo


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