Looking for part time jobs in Sheffield?

After many years of decline, the Sheffield economy is going through a strong revival. Sheffield is a major retail centre, and is home to many high street shops and department stores.

As a result, there are many part time jobs available in Sheffield in these stores. The main shopping areas in the city centre are on The Moor precinct, Fargate, Orchard Square and the Devonshire Quarter. It is a good idea to drop your CV into the stores in these areas in the hope of securing part time employment. Even if a position is not advertised, a job might become available.

There are also many supermarkets in Sheffield that require the services of part time workers. These include Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons and ASDA where you can expect a wage of £5.93 per hour. These jobs are mainly in the role of a cashier, where you will be dealing with the public on a regular basis. It is important to have a friendly personality and a helpful attitude.

Job sites are also a very good tool in securing employment in the Sheffield area. The best ones to search are reed.co.uk, parttimejobssheffield.co.uk, mysheffieldjobs.co.uk and jobsisjob.co.uk.

Recruitment agencies in Sheffield are another place where you will find the latest jobs on the market. Visit a local recruitment agency, such as Blue Arrow on 33 High Street, Sheffield, armed with you CV. You will be able to talk to a recruitment specialist in regard to what part time work is available.


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