We look at part time telephone support jobs in Preston, Lancs

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Preston's population of nearly 120,000 ensures that there are plenty of part time opportunities free in the area at any time. There is no shortage of call centres in this busy city. We have done some research for you into some part time telephone support jobs in Preston, Lancs for you.

Call centre jobs can be great for students or anybody else who is looking to earn some extra cash. There are usually part time positions available to work evenings and weekends.

The Carphone Warehouse is one such company who recently moved its call centre operations to the Ashton on Ribble area of Preston. Over 1,000 employees work in this busy call centre. There is a constant recruitment campaign to find new talent.  Some typical positions that they offer are:

  • Customer Service Advisor - Involves dealing with queries and problems from customers on a wide range of products and services.
  • Customer Support Advisor - Involves answering calls from Carphone Warehouse retail stores and dealing with all kinds of issues.
  • Correspondence Advisor - Dealing with letters and emails received from customers
  • Sales Consultant - Cross selling a range of products. The sales roles all include a high commission structure.
  • Team Leader - Working with a team of up to 20 members and to offer guidance and support to them.

If you would like to apply to any positions at The Carphone Warehouse in Preston, visit their website at careersatcarphone.com. You will find the most up to date part time telephone support jobs in Preston, Lancs here.

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