Check out this guide to part time jobs on Fermoy Co Cork

Despite the fact that the Irish media is almost constantly reporting on how mad things are in the Irish economy and job market, the fact of the matter is that there are actually quite a few job opportunities out there for anyone willing to put a little time and effort into the search, and who is willing to be a little flexible when it comes to their personal job demands.

Since the recession took hold of Ireland, employment rates have plummeted and many employers completely froze all intake of new staff in order to allow them to get their wage bills out of control. This made things exceptionally tough for countless people, especially those who had to be let go from their jobs.

Things continued in much the same vein until recently, where the occasional glimmer of hope for the economy has resulted in an increasing number of positions being made available on the Irish job market. The interesting thing about these positions is the fact that they tend to be part time ones.

It seems that few companies are willing to risk exposing themselves to another spate of expensive redundancies, and so are making sure to give themselves a little cover by only hiring on part time or temporary contracts. While this means that the employer can now let their staff go at any time without needing to worry about potential legal issues, it also means that there are an increased number of opportunities for part time jobs in Fermoy Co Cork.

The south west has been one of the worst hit areas in this recession, so absolutely any kind of respite from the hard times is appreciated. With companies including some of the biggest part time employers in the area like The Blackwater Shopping Centre now offering part time jobs again, the local economy can finally start getting itself under control.

When searching for part time jobs on Fermoy Co Cork, we recommend that you use the excellent nixers.com. While other sites may have more full time listings, this site is perfect for those of us looking for reduced hours.

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