Interested in part time jobs in the Northeast?

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With the large cities of Sunderland and Newcastle located in the area, it's not surprising that there are so many part time jobs in the Northeast of England available. You can find the vast majority of these positions in a few minutes online.

Recruitment agencies are excellent sources of part time vacancies. My Sunderland Jobs, My Newcastle Jobs and Total Jobs are a few of the agencies that are worth checking regularly.

The first thing you need to do, when you're using a recruitment agency to find part time jobs in the Northeast of England, is upload a CV on the website. This will allow you to apply for positions of interest and it also gives employers access to your details.

And don't forget to register for email alerts of new vacancies. It's a great way to stay ahead of the pack in a competitive jobs market.

The retail and hospitality industries are two of the biggest providers of part time jobs in the Northeast. There's no harm in dropping a CV into local shops, hotels, restaurants and bars when you're job hunting for part time positions. Get down to your local job centre and let them have a look at your CV. They'll be happy to give you tips on how to improve it.

Most part time jobs in the Northeast of England in retail and hospitality will only pay the minimum wage. However, if you're a student, this is more than you'll get for sitting at home watching daytime TV.


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