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So you are currently looking for part time jobs in Newcastle under Lyme and don't know where to start your search? This busy West Midlands town has many part time job opportunities. With a population of 75,000, you should have no problem finding plenty of available vacancies.

There are many pubs, clubs and bars in this area due to the high number of students living in the town. This means that finding part time work in a bar shouldn't be too difficult, and many bars are open late 7 nights a week. Simply take a walk through this town with an open mind and you will be amazed at the amount of opportunities that become available to you.

We suggest that you check out jobsite.co.uk to find many other positions that are available. Searching their website is simple. You can easily choose to search by location, job type and specialism or even by entering your own search term. Don't forget to click "part time" before you click the search button! They have thousands of vacancies that are updated on a daily basis.

There are also plenty of factories in Newcastle under Lyme. If you have a year or two experience you may find it relatively easy to pick up a new job in a factory here. Again, if you use one of the many recruitment websites available, you will find these positions advertised.

Keep all this in mind and you should have no trouble with finding part time work in Newcastle under Lyme!

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