We look at part time retail jobs in Newark on Trent

As with many areas in the United Kingdom these days, there are quite a large number of part time vacancies available in Newark on Trent if you know where to look. A little local knowledge is essential when it comes to searching for part time work anywhere, but particularly in the smaller towns in the country.

A quick walk around the town will immediately tell you that the major part time employment sector in the area is to be found in retail. With a surprisingly large number of supermarkets in the area, there are constantly part time positions opening up, so you'll need to be on the ball and have a little bit of luck if you're going to find yourself decent part time jobs in Newark on Trent.

Sainsbury's, Tesco, The Co-Op, Waitrose and Morrisons all have a strong presence in the area, and each of these companies are constantly on the lookout for new eager and energetic staff in order to keep their stores running as smoothly as possible.

When working for these companies, you can expect the very best in on the job training, as well as numerous upskilling opportunities that may see you grab a promotion through the ranks in order to make more money.

When it comes to entry level positions, the most common jobs are working as a cashier and as a floor operative. As a cashier you'll be dealing with the public on a daily basis, so it's very important that you are as pleasant as possible at all times, while as a floor operative you'll need to ensure that all displays are full, the store is clean, and that you are willing and able to help any customers with enquiries they may have about products or product location. For both of these positions you can expect to earn a starting wage of between £5.16 and £6.10 per hour.


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