We check out some of the part time jobs opportunities in Market Harborough

A small region comprising of two villages within the Harborough district of Leicestershire, Market Harborough has a population of just under twenty one thousand people. Known mainly for it's gorgeous Georgian buildings, the area also offers plenty of part time job opportunities for its inhabitants. Today we're going to take a look at some of the great part time jobs in Market Harborough that you could apply for in order to get yourself back into the work force.

Despite it's relatively small size, there are a wide number of different shops, facilities and services on offer in Market Harborough, each one offering a potential part time employment opportunity for you or your friends. Given how tough the current economic conditions are in the United Kingdom, part time work has become something of a necessity in recent years.

Not only does it offer a great solution for anyone seeking to earn a little extra money, but it also ensures that you can build up experience working in your chosen field to make it easier to find full time work and start a career down the line.

Being a relatively rural area, Market Harborough has a large number of gardening, flower and plant stores. If you have green fingers, or fancy yourself as having the potential for a career in landscaping, then we recommend you check out some of the great businesses in the area including Complete Weed Control (Green Valley Farm Station Road), Captain Green (24 Fleetwood Gardens) and Parson Nurseries (Leicester Road).

If you're looking for a part time job in retail, traditionally the best source of part time work, then you'll be spoiled for choice. Market Harsborough has a huge variety of shops for it's small size, in particular we recommend that you check out Martins of Harborough and High Street Newsagents (9-11 High Street) for your best chance of part time retail work.

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