We help you find the best part time jobs in Louth

With jobs in Ireland at a real premium these days, it can be really tough to find a part time job that's right for you. In order to find yourself part time jobs in Louth, we recommend making a list of the kinds of job that you think you would be suited for, taking into consideration your previous work experience as well as the course(s) you took in college, where applicable.

There are plenty of part time positions available in a number of specialist roles, so don't be afraid to be as specific as possible when compiling your list. Many companies are now hiring staff on part time or temporary contract basis due to the instability of the economy. It pays for them to do this since they won't face any large redundancy pay offs should things continue to get worse in the Irish economy.

We recommend you take a look at careerjet.ie, indeed.ie and parttimejobs.ie for these more specialised positions - however you'll need to ensure that your CV is as professional as possible because you'll face an awful lot of competition for these positions.

If you're happy enough to make do with a more traditional part time job, like working as a cashier in a shop, for example, then you'll have a much wider range of possibilities open to you. There are a number of large shopping centres in the Louth area, each of which have many stores located within them, that make a great starting point on your search for work.

In particular, we recommend that you check out Scotch Hall in Drogheda and Marshes Shopping Centre in Dundalk for the best chances of finding work.

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