Looking for part time jobs in London?

There are many reasons why people are on the lookout for part time work instead of full time work in the current economic climate. Perhaps you already have a full time job and you're looking to supplement your income with additional money from a second positions. Maybe you're a student and you're seeking to pay your way through school. You might have a young family and you can't afford babysitters, so you can only work when your partner is around to take care of the kids. One reason that's become more and more popular lately is that part time jobs are being sought by those who are actually looking for full time work in order to keep them going financially until they can find something more suitable on a permanent basis.

Fortunately for those of you looking for part time jobs in London, there are more to be found there than anywhere else in the country... assuming you have no problem working for minimum wage in the retail sector.

Unfortunately, you're not exactly going to be spoilt for choice when it comes to different varieties of work on offer, so it's very likely to be sales assistant or nothing. However, you'll find that this is actually a very enjoyable position and it can also be thoroughly challenging, so all is not lost.

In order to find yourself a part time retail position earning around £5.93 per hour, we recommend you focus your search on the shopping centres in the area. These shopping centres have huge numbers of stores under their roof, meaning that you won't have to look too far to successfully find a store with a vacancy. In particular, we recommend you check out what's on offer at Brent Cross Shopping Centre, Cardinal Place and Victoria Place Shopping Centre.


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