Find the hottest part time jobs in Kildare here

Ireland has been hit by a severe downturn in the economy which has resulted in finding a new job proving to be very difficult. There are still part time jobs in Kildare to be found as long as you know where to find them.

Recruitment agencies are always a good place to start when looking for a new job. You simply just need to call into them with a copy of your most recent CV and have a chat to them about what you are looking for. If there are any suitable vacancies, you will be called forward for interview. Some of the most reputable agencies in County Kildare include:

  • ISS Recruitment - Office Unit L, Town Centre, Naas
  • Clark Recruitment 0 The Atrium, John's Lane, Naas
  • O Reilly Recruitment - 7 The Court, Main Street, Newbridge

Job recruitment websites are another way of finding all the best jobs in one place. The best thing about these websites is that you can apply to jobs by uploading your CV, from the comfort of your own home. Jobs.ie is one of Ireland's best known recruitment websites and is definitely worth taking a look at. You should also visit a couple of local job websites such as Kildarejobs.ie as they will have advertisements from some of the smaller companies in the area.

Or why not take a walk through the towns of Kildare and drop your CV into companies you would like to work in? Make sure you visit The Whitewater shopping centre in Newbridge and Kildare Village.


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