Interested in part time jobs jobs in Northampton?

There are hundreds of part time jobs jobs in Northampton available to job seekers. Many of the best opportunities can be found in the retail industry, but there are plenty of openings in admin and hospitality as well.

If you're looking for part time jobs in the retail sector in Northampton, you're spoilt for choice. The town is home to two fabulous shopping centres. The Grosvenor Centre on Union Street has over 60 shops, along with a range of restaurants and cafes. Check the jobs section of their official website regularly for the latest vacancies.

And beside The Grosvenor Centre lies Peacock Place. It's a very busy shopping destination in Northampton with a range of High Street names and several smaller, independent retailers. Again, you can find out about the latest vacancies on their website.

The attraction to part time jobs in retail is there are no major requirements for candidates. If you have experience in a cash handling role it will be an advantage, so be sure to include it in your CV. The majority of part time positions in retail pay the minimum wage, but you won't hear too many students complaining about that.

The town's hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs are also excellent for finding part time job opportunities. Ibis Hotel, Falcon Hotel and Hilton Hotel are just a handful of the establishments offering part time jobs in Northampton. You can find a full list of businesses in the hospitality sector in Northampton in the Yellow Pages.

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