We try out indeed.co.uk to search for part time jobs in Wythenshawe

The online recruitment sector is almost as competitive as the job market itself these days, with a new job site launching every other week. While variety is always a good thing, such an over saturation of the market can be confusing for newcomers to the online recruitment game, and many people find themselves lost as to which site is the best one for their needs.

We appreciate that not everyone is a computer guru, or tech savvy internet genius, so this guide will take a look at the site indeed.co.uk and let you know how it fared when we put it to the test to find part time jobs in Wythenshawe.

Indeed claims to be the world's undisputed number one job site, with more than 50,000,000 unique visitors per month making an astonishing 1,000,000,000 (that's one BILLION) job searches in the same period. That's an absolutely staggering number in anyone's language, so we decided to take a look at the site to figure out just what makes it so popular.

First things first, Indeed is one of the plainest websites we have ever come across. This might put some of you off, but the truth of the matter is that its layout only helps to streamline the search and application process, making it a real masterstroke of design work.

Searches are conducted by typing in a job title or relevant keywords and the city or postcode of where you wish to search. In our case we entered "part time" for the keywords and "Wythenshawe" as our city. Immediately we were presented with a list of vacancies, listed in a clear and concise manner with no doubt as to any of the important details even at a glance.

Clicking on any of the jobs will bring you to a more detailed description on the company's website, as well as giving you any important application information you'll need to know in order to put your name forward for the job.

For a website as minimal, and seemingly plain, as Indeed, there can be little doubt as to the power of the site. We had no problem finding a wealth of part time jobs in Wythenshawe in a matter of seconds, so there's no reason you shouldn't be able to find the job of your dreams too.

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