Looking for part time jobs in Troon? Check this out

If you're serious about finding yourself part time jobs in Troon, then we recommend you take a step back from your job search, temporarily, and try to figure out why you've not been having any luck so far. More often than not, the reason is that people spend too much time searching for work in industries that they would like to work in, rather than industries that they have the best chance of working in.

While it's certainly admirable that people have their goals and that they're willing to do everything to ensure that they can meet them, the fact of the matter is that it's not very clever to spend huge amounts of time looking for part time work in an industry that doesn't have all that many part time jobs available.

Instead, you need to be focussing on Troon's retail industry. Even if you've never worked in retail before, there are plenty of opportunities available for those of you who want to get stuck into an entry level job, and don't mind the fact that you'll need to learn a whole range of new disciplines.

In particular, we recommend you focus on the supermarkets in the area. As one of the biggest employers of part time staff in the United Kingdom, the supermarket industry is one we will always recommend to anyone searching for reliable and challenging part time work. Usually the entry level positions are in the roll of cashier or sales assistant, which earns around £5.93 per hour, but with many companies once you're in the door, you'll start being afforded the ability to upskill and apply for higher positions by way of encouragement.

If you're not sure of the location of the local supermarkets, this may help;

  • Morrisons, 10 Dukes Road
  • Nisa Supermarket, 55 Central Avenue
  • Spar, 23-29 Lang Road


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