Good places to look for part time jobs in south Tipperary

Although Tipperary is small, there is a significant rural hinterland and agriculture forms an important part of the local economy. Tourism and other, more specialist industries have created employment in recent years, but where should someone looking for a part time job in the town and beyond in the wider South Tipperary region begin their search?

Local Media

One obvious place to start any jobs hunt is the local paper. The Tipperary Star is available to read online at Tipperarystar.ie, and carries its own jobs page. There is also a specific page regrading business news in the area, which can be a useful way of discovering whether any employers are planning new hiring, or whether any new businesses have moved into the area who may want part time workers.

Another media resource that could potentially be of some use is local radio station TippFM. Jobs are advertised with the radio station, and details of some of their vacancies can be found at tippfm.com/site/careers.


Many websites also carry advertisements for part time jobs in Tipperary. One such website is Tipperary.olx.ie, part of a wider network which allows users to search specifically in Tipperary.

Another very useful resource is Tipperaryjobs.ie, which hosts vacancies gathered from many of Ireland's top jobs websites. Another handy website is Careerjet.ie, which again allows users to refine their search for specific types of jobs.


Employment agencies are a great way of boosting one's chances of finding part time work, with many specialising in filling short term or part time vacancies.

One of the region's most well-known agencies is Hartley People. They are based in Waterford and their website allows online registration and can be found at Hartleypeople.com.


With agriculture such an important and historical part of the local economy, agriculture may present a good opportunity to find part time work, especially at certain seasons of the year. A great resource for those with experience in the farming sector is Tipperaryfarming.com.

Job seekers may also find that speaking to farmers or other farm workers directly may represent the best chance of finding work of this type, as vacancies are frequently 'advertised' by word of mouth.

Catering and Hospitality

Many businesses in the tourist sector rely on part time workers or seasonal workers, and business such as hotels, bars and restaurants are good places to look for part time work. Again, visiting businesses directly and making a personal enquiry often bears fruit, and the time taken doing so is often a worthwhile investment.

Vacancies in this sector can also be found in the local press and media, but a useful website for hotel vacancies is Hoteljobs.ie. Bar jobs are often found by enquiring directly of the landlord, and a list of pubs in the region can be found at Pubhub.co.uk/tipperary.htm, where contact details and addresses are available.


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