Sample every type of work with a Tesco job

Tesco are the UK's number one retailer with the biggest range of products including food, clothes and financial services. Part-time jobs in Tesco London are available in supermarkets, pharmacies, distribution centres and with their online services.

Tesco supermarkets offer a variety of part-time jobs including checkout staff and shelf stackers. You can get an application form from any store in London. Successful candidates are interviewed and given the opportunity to have a trial working on the shop floor. The recruitment process is fast and after the interview you'll hear back from Tesco within 10 days.

Part-time Tesco pharmacy jobs are available in London. Tesco require checkout staff, warehouse operatives and security personnel to work weekends and weekdays on day or night shifts.

Tesco distribution centres in London are constantly looking for part-time team members and drivers. Having a forklift or HGV licence gives candidates a better chance of being hired. Team members pick the orders from the racks and ensure that the stores receive the right stock.

Tesco is set to open a new e-commerce distribution centre in North London at the end of 2011. The centre will handle home deliveries as well as supplying Tesco Express stores. About 600 full and part-time jobs are expected to be created as a result of the investment.

The online Tesco job application form makes applying for part-time jobs  straightforward. You can check out current vacancies on the jobpage at Tesco.com. The Tesco jobs office will contact you when an opportunity matching your requirements becomes available.

Jobsites such as job.co.uk, gumtree and indeed.co.uk list vacancies for part-time Tesco jobs in London.

With new shops, warehouses and businesses, part-time jobs in Tesco London could be your stepping stone to a new career.

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