We check out the best places to find part time jobs in Telford Shropshire

Searching for part time work requires much more patience and attention to detail than finding full time work can. For the most part you'll need to be able to sit down for hours on end, trawling through countless job sites searching for the few part time jobs on offer. Even when you find one, the chances of it being suitable to your experience and abilities are still relatively slim, and you'll need to make yourself stand out from the crowd in order to be considered.

This is the pitfall for many people seeking part time jobs in Telford Shropshire - they immediately make a bee line for the biggest, most visible job vacancy sites online. While that is definitely the best approach when looking for full time work, for those of you in need of a part time solution it can prove to be a frustrating experience.

This is where local job sites, like the Shropshire Star's excellent online recruitment section comes in handy. Focussed primarily on local jobs for local people, jobs.shropshirestar.com is a gold mine for finding listings for your local area.

Because the vacancies are localised, you won't necessarily be up against quite so many people when it comes to the application process. Due to the relatively high insertion fees involved with placing ads in more recognised job sites, many companies prefer to list their part time vacancies on local sites like jobs.shropshirestar.com since they cost much less (in many cases they cost nothing at all).

With jobs in a wide range of industries including art, culture, sports, charity, call centres, customer service, computers, information technology, travel, transport, retail, hairdressing, administration, media, marketing, restaurants and much more, you're bound to find something that's right up your street from one of the many Shropshire based employers.

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