We check out two great websites offering part time jobs in the Tameside area

Tameside Borough is located between the city centre of Manchester and the scenic Peak District in Lancashire. It boasts one of the most stunning varieties of historical beauty and architecture in the United Kingdom. In the area you'll find a mix of gorgeous, rolling rural landscapes, market towns, a famous network of canals, industrial heritage areas and much more, so it's no surprise that many people want to live and work there.

Fortunately, there's also no shortage of part time jobs in the Tameside area, and once you know how to find them online you'll be able to both work and play in one of the most beautiful parts of the country.

Local radio station Key 103 FM have a dedicated job section on their website, enabling locals to find the very latest vacancies. With sections dedicated to customer service, education, engineering, law and legal, manufacturing, PR & marketing and sales, you should be able to find the right part time job for your needs with ease.

If you'd like to be directly involved with the town council, you can pop over to yourcounciljobs.co.uk for a list of the current council vacancies. By registering with the Talent Pool section of the website, you'll be able to get word of the latest vacancies direct to your email as and when they are listed. You'll also be able to apply for jobs with the click of a button, saving you the hassle of having to fill out repetitive forms time after time.

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