Check here for some great part time jobs in Tameside!

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There are so many places to start looking for a job these days that the hardest part can be finding out where to begin! We have done all the hard work for you and if you are looking for part time jobs in Tameside, Lancashire we suggest that you first try a job recruitment website

There are loads of these websites such as indeed.co.uk and jobsite.co.uk. They make searching for jobs simple and you can even upload your CV to potential employers on their sites. This will help ease the stress of job hunting!

If the internet is not your thing then why not simply call into some of the many shops and have a chat with a manager? You would be surprised how many managers appreciate a smile and a well presented CV as a first point of call.

There are loads of choices when looking for part time jobs in Tameside. Well known shops such as Sainsbury's, Marks and Spencer's, IKEA and Peacocks are all present in this Lancashire town. They hire all year round and at peak times such as summer and Christmas there can be lots of seasonal vacancies.

As well as the big names that we all know, you will find many corner newsagents, bars and restaurants in Tameside. If you need any advice with your CV, call into your local job centre and they will be happy to assist you.

We hope this helps you with your hunt for part time jobs in Tameside!

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