Take a look at these great part time jobs in Swinton

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Many people decide to work part time for their own individual reasons. Students tend to do so to support their studies. New parents also may decide to work part time rather than jump straight back in to working full time. Whatever your reason, there are many great part time jobs in Swinton available.

Finding the latest job advertisements can be done in a number of ways. You could check out local newspapers in the area such as the Manchester Evening News. Part time jobs can also be picked up by simply dropping in your most up to date CV to potential employers. You are most likely to find part time jobs in Swinton in either the retail or hospitality sectors.

Retail positions usually require little or no experience so are a favourite of students. Swinton Shopping Centre is a great place to start your search. They have some of the UK's best known fashion and retail outlets as well as several cafes and restaurants. If you have no experience in retail, don't expect to earn much more than £6 per hour. Check out some of the latest vacancies at swinton-shoppingcentre.co.uk.

Hotels, bars and clubs can also be great places to find part time job opportunities. However, this may not suit some people as you will be required to work mostly evenings and weekends. You could earn anything up to £7.50 per hour in some of the busier bars in town.

You can also find some part time jobs in Swinton on job recruitment websites such as Jobisjob.co.uk.

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