Everything you need to know to find the best part time jobs in Solihull

When looking for the latest part time jobs in Solihull it is important that you are looking in the right places to find the best jobs to suit you.

The Solihull News is the local newspaper and they have plenty of great job offers from some of the smaller companies in the town. You can find all of these jobs on their website as well at solihullnews.net.

As part of your job hunt you should always visit a couple of job recruitment websites. This is the perfect way of finding jobs quickly. You can even apply to the jobs online by simply uploading your CV to the employers. Don't forget to register for job alerts so you always have access to the most recent vacancies. Among the best job websites serving Solihull are:

  • Solihull-online.com
  • Jobsite.co.uk
  • UKparttimejobs.co.uk

You might choose to go out and have a look yourself for the latest part time jobs in Solihull. The town centre is your best opportunity and you will find loads of great companies to drop your CV into.

One great place to visit is Mell Square. You will find the centre at Drury Lane in Solihull. Over 90 stores can be found here, most of which depend on part timers to help out on evenings and weekends.

Popular fashion stores such as New Look and Swank can be found here. You will also find major stores such as Sainsburys, Argos and WH Smith. There is a great selection of other footwear, mobile phone, travel and speciality stores to be found here - all offering the possibility of part time work.


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