Best Industries for part time jobs in Slough, Berkshire

For a long time, Slough's economy was comprised in major part by the manufacturing industry. Most part time jobs in Slough, Berkshire, and the surrounding areas were in factories which have now closed. In recent times, the struggling manufacturing industry has all but disappeared and factories have been taken over by office buildings. Consequently, people who previously found manufacturing or factory part time jobs in Slough, Berkshire need to retrain and develop skills in customer service, administration, and hospitality.

Customer Service

Part time jobs based in the Slough, Berkshire offices of many leading retail organisations are available. The head offices of several major organisations are based in Slough, and part time customer service positions are in high demand at companies such as Amazon, Nintendo and Black and Decker.

Candidates looking for jobs in customer service should primarily be customer focused, ideally with call centre or customer service experience and should be able to build excellent interpersonal relationships with customers. Because Slough's customer service industry is primarily driven by major retailers, jobseekers should emphasise their experience processing orders, and explaining product availability and launch information to customers. Software based skills - particularly in common programs such as Excel and Word - will also be helpful.

Hospitality and Concierge

Because Slough is located fairly close to Heathrow airport, there are several hotels in the area. Consequently, anyone looking for part time jobs in Slough, Berkshire should consider working at one of the many hotels in the region. Jobs at front desk, concierge, set up of conference facilities, housekeeping and working at the hotel bar or restaurant can all be good options for those needing a flexible part time shift. Applicants should be customer focused and flexible, but for many positions formal experience is not a necessity.

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