Useful tips for locating part time jobs in Sligo

Part time jobs in Sligo are available for a wide range of positions. Part time jobs can mean anything from working a few hours per day to working 1 to 4 days per week. Part time jobs are provided by both direct employers and recruitment agencies. The typical websites that you can search are: parttimejobs.ie, careerjet.ie, adminjobs.ie, totaljobs.com, irishjobs.ie and sligojobs.ie.

Part-Time Jobs in Sligo: Industries

If you need to work part time in Sligo, then you should know that there are many different jobs available in a wide range of industries. You can choose to work in the food and beverage sector, the sales sector, the IT and consultancy sectors, the care and educational sectors, as well as customer service. Even the film and movie industry can supply occasional part time jobs in Sligo.

Part-Time Jobs in Sligo: Recruitment Agencies

You can apply for a part time job online using the many job search engines available. The main companies that handle part time job recruiting in Sligo are:

  • HRM Executive Recruitment (hrm.ie)
  • Collins McNicholas (collinsmcnicholas.ie)
  • Arcon Recruitment (arconrecruitment.com)
  • ICDS Recruitment (icds.ie)
  • Sigmar Recruitment (sigmarrecruitment.com)

Part-Time Jobs in Sligo: Salary Expectations

The salary you can expect from a part time job is really dependant on the type of job you are performing:

  • Part time Customer Service Adviser: €15,670-€17,000 per annum, 20-21 hours per week
  • Part time Receptionist: €17,000-€26,000 per annum
  • Fundraiser Co-ordinator: €900 per week/a few hours per day
  • Health Lecturer: €17,000-€28,500 per annum; 2-3 days/week

A wide range of opportunities await for an energetic employee who only has a little bit of time to devote to employment at one of the many part time jobs in Sligo.


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