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There are several reasons that you may be looking for a part time job at the moment. Perhaps you are a new parent returning to the workplace slowly or maybe you have a full time job but need an extra source of income to make ends meet. There are a few places where you can find the latest part time jobs in Romford, Essex.

Retail is a very good choice when looking for a part time job. Usually you do not need any major qualifications or experience to find a suitable position. You will need to have excellent communication and customer service skills as you will deal with customers on a daily basis. You should also be well presented and have a good manner about you.

The Liberty Shopping Centre has over 100 shops and restaurants, all of which require part time staff as well as full timers. There are many fashion outlets such as Ann Summers, Jane Norman and Monsoon to name but a few. The Perfume Shop and Boots are also worth applying to.

If fashion isn't your thing, there are also plenty of phone stores to choose from. Orange, O2 and Phones 4U are all based inside the centre. You should have a flair for the latest technology to work in one of these stores.

The best way to find these positions is to either take a walk through the centre with a bag full of CVs, or you could also check out their website for the latest part time jobs. You can find them online at theliberty.co.uk.

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