We search for part time jobs in the Rochdale area with www.totaljobs.com

As one of the biggest recruitment websites on the internet right now, totaljobs.com seemed like as good a place as any to check out the availabilty of part time jobs in the Rochdale area as part of our ongoing search to find the most reliable website for part time work.

Since 2006 Total Jobs has been the number one website in the United Kingdom in terms of job vacancy market share, boasting more than 150,000 full time and part time job listings at any given time. The site generates more than 3,400,000 unique hits every month from more than 2,000,000 registered users, and regularly generates more than 1,000,000 job applications every single month.

Like many job sites of its size, Total Jobs is predominantly focussed on full time positions. Due to the fact that it charges companies insertion fees to list jobs, many HR departments shy away from spending money on advertising roles that they see as being less important to the company - and part time jobs often fall right into this category.

Despite this, the site features a surprising number of part time jobs at any given time. In our search for part time jobs in the Rochdale area, we were quite surprised to see that the number of results far exceeded what can be found on other sites.

By entering your desired key words (for example, type of employment and industry) as well as the general area you'd like to search in, you'll have a full list of suitable positions within minutes. Once you have identified a role that you feel best suits your needs, you can either add the it to the job basket for later, or apply right away.

The application process is flawless, allowing you to go from a blank search to a list of positions applied for within minutes. totaljobs.com might not have quite the same number of part time listings as some of the more local oriented sites, but it should still have enough to get you through your search, and is definitely worth a look.

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