We focus on shopping centre part time jobs in Pretoria, South Africa

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Pretoria is a wonderful city in the north province of Guateng in South Africa. As it is one of three capital cities, you can be assured there are many part time jobs in Pretoria, especially in one of the many large shopping centres that this city has to offer.

Shopping centres are an excellent place to find part time work due to the large amount of shops under one roof. One good thing about working in retail is that little or no experience is required. Retail is usually the industry where most of us secure our first job.

The following is a list of 10 of the biggest and best shopping centres to be found in Pretoria. All of these centres include at least 30 shops and restaurants and many of them have a cinema. Ticket sellers, seat ushers and team leaders are regularly needed by the local cinemas.

  1. Brooklyn Mall
  2. Centurion Mall
  3. Hatfield Plaza
  4. Irene Village Mall
  5. Kolonnade Centre - Also includes an ice ring and other activities
  6. The Grove Mall
  7. Menlyn Park
  8. Wonderpark Shopping Centre
  9. Woodlands Boulevard
  10. Wonderboom Junction Shopping Centre

There are several ways to apply to positions in each of these centres. You could visit their websites which can be found by searching for the centre in Google. Alternatively, you could call in with a bunch of CVs and hand them in to the shops that are of interest to you. This has proven to be the most successful way of finding retail positions, especially when looking for part time jobs in Pretoria.

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