We look at the most likely sources of part time jobs in the Northwich area

Retail work has always been one of the major sources of part time employment in any area in the United Kingdom, and it continues to be so. With so many different chain stores, franchises, supermarkets and shopping centres to be found in almost every town and city in the country, there are always a large number of retail based positions to be filled.

When it comes to finding part time jobs in the Northwich area, you'll have plenty of different options to choose from. Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys and Iceland are all based in or around the Northwich are, meaning that you'll be able to choose from four of the very biggest supermarket brands in the United Kingdom.

These companies have a great reputation for treating their part time staff particularly well, offering training on the job to ensure that they meet the very highest standards associated with the brand, as well as offering the possibility for career advancement in a full time role should you impress in your initial part time position.

There are a number of different roles available with these companies too. Obviously the most common would be working as a cashier, serving customers and carrying out cash and credit card transactions while earning between £5.20 and £5.96 per hour, but there are a wide variety of other positions available too.

Other jobs include working as a baker, driver, butcher, stockist, manager, customer service operative, marketer, advertising sales, wholesale purchasing, information technology and much more. Since many of these jobs aren't advertised online, we recommend calling into your local store to ask for an application form today.

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