We can help you find great part time jobs in Newark Notts

With the levels of competition so high in the full time job market, it's no surprise that there is an increasing number of people taking a step back from it and instead focussing on the part time market, at least until things cool down a little on the full time front. While this might sound like a bit of a silly thing to do, you need to take into account that you're much better off earning money on a part time basis than you are sitting around searching for work on a full time basis. You'll also have the added bonus of being able to use your time off to continue your full time job search, should you wish.

Part time jobs in Newark Notts also play the role of allowing staff to build up their previous work experience, and in turn making them much more desirable employees for potential employers. In order to streamline your job search, you first need to decide exactly what kind of work is acceptable to you.

If you are simply looking to get back into work as quickly as possible, we recommend you take a strong look at the retail industry. As the major employers of part time staff in Newark, Tesco have build a great reputation around the town. Not only do they pay relatively well, with entry level positions starting at between £5.47 and £6.03 per hour (depending on the role and your prior experience), you'll also have the chance to build a great career with one of the UK's biggest companies thanks to the fact that Tesco prefer to promote from within - a great opportunity for part time staff.


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