Tips on searching for part time jobs in Newark

A popular commuter town for Nottingham and even London, Newark still has a few industries of its own. Those looking for part time jobs in Newark though are still likely to find most of the opportunities in the service sector, in shop, restaurant and bar work.

Job opportunities

One of the biggest employers in the town is Laurens Patisseries (laurens.co.uk) which is among the largest manufacturers of cream cakes in Europe. There may be some part-time work or temporary shifts here. To enquire fill in an application on their website or email the Human Resources department at recruitment@laurens.co.uk.

Distribution centres are also a major employer in Newark and the surrounding area, with both Dixons (dixons.co.uk) and its sister company Currys setting up centres here. Check at the job centres for part-time shifts in distribution.

Keep your eyes open

The Gumtree Nottingham (gumtree.com/nottingham) site is a good source of part-time jobs in Newark. This is where cafes, bars and restaurants choose to advertise for new staff. Turnover for these openings is fast, so check the site regularly and email your applications in as soon as possible.

The local newspaper, the Newark Advertiser (newarkadvertiser.co.uk), is also a useful source of job opportunities. Check the classifieds, or consult the jobs section online.

Personal touch

For part time bar jobs in Newark the personal touch can pay off. To save time, devote an afternoon to canvassing all the town centre pubs around the Castle Gate and High Street. If there are no vacancies, show some determination and ask to leave your contact details. Remind the managers that you are willing to provide cover at short notice. If you get an opportunity, make yourself indispensable.

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