Looking for part time jobs in Meath?

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With a little time and effort, you'll realise that it's surprisingly easy to find part time jobs in Meath. The main towns in Meath are Navan, Trim and Kells, and they all have excellent opportunities for people looking for part time work.

The main town in Meath is Navan, and there are many part time positions available in the town. One of the best places to look for part time work in Navan is the large shopping centre situated here, Navan Town Centre.

Some of the biggest names in the retail industry are located in Navan Town Centre. Argos, Boots, Dunnes Stores and Jack and Jones are just a few of the big retail outlets in the shopping centre that employ large numbers of part time staff.

Most part time retail jobs in Meath only pay the minimum wage, but if you're a hard worker, you can work your way up into the higher paying positions over time.

The other big towns in Meath, Trim and Kells, are both popular tourist destinations and their large hospitality sectors require a lot of part time staff, particularly during the summer months. Both towns have many restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs where you can find a part time job without too much difficulty. Again, most of these positions pay the minimum wage.

You can also find a lot of part time jobs in Meath on websites like Gumtree.ie and Jobs.ie for positions like child-minders and gardeners. The best way of securing one of these positions is to register with the website and upload a CV.

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