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Finding part time jobs in Mansfield, Notts has been made much easier in the last year since the economy started to pick up again. A part time job is a great way to make some extra cash. It could be a second earner for somebody with a full time career or a way for students to make some quick cash.

Local jobs are advertised in a variety of ways. Local newspapers and radio stations advertise a range of vacancies, usually from the smaller independent shops or businesses. Online recruitment websites also advertise positions, but due to the high costs involved, these are usually from larger companies requiring very experienced individuals.

If you are looking for part time jobs in Mansfield, Notts with little or no experience, you should try the retail sector. Take a walk through the Four Seasons Shopping Centre with a bunch of your most recent CVs and hand them into anywhere that is if interest to you.

With 54 stores nestled in the centre, you can be assured there is something here for everyone. The centre has a lot of department stores in it. You could chance your arm for part time work in Boots, Debenhams or Primark.

There are loads of other outlets for you to leave a CV into including HMV, River Island, TopShop and Vodafone. These stores can often be seen advertising available positions on their shop fronts so keep your eyes open for "staff wanted" signs.

Check out their website where you can find available positions from time to time. Find them at fourseasonsshopping.co.uk.

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