Earn Extra Cash with Part Time Jobs in London for Students

Eventually there comes a time in every student's life when finding a part-time job becomes essential in order to make all payments and still be able to afford a good old fashioned night out on the town! However part-time jobs don't necessarily have to be boring and inconvenient! In fact there are a great deal of jobs that are perfectly suited to the student lifestyle you just need to know where to look for them! Here are some of the best part time jobs in London for students:

Mystery Shopper

This is a fantastic part-time job for students as it pays really well and allows you to enjoy yourself too! The role of the mystery shopper involves going out to eat, drink or do some shopping and all with somebody else's money! The mystery shopper must observe the level of service and then write up a report about the experience as a whole. And the great news is - you get to keep whatever you buy! Nowadays there are a great deal of mystery shopper jobs available throughout London so if you think this could be the job for you then apply now and make sure you secure one of these fantastic part-time positions!

Event Staff

Working at different events can also be an extremely enjoyable part-time job that's well paid, making it perfect for students! There are literally hundreds of events taking place all the time in London and staff are always in high demand! Jobs can range from glamorous red carpet affairs to rock festivals and music concerts. Events are not always announced so in order to hear about the best events in your area it is a good idea to sign up with a London based events and promotional agency.

Promotional Work

Promotional jobs are another example of perfect part-time jobs for students as they are very well paid and the hours are extremely flexible too! For example; you may only do a days work here or there. However by promoting a brand even for just one day you can earn you some great pocket money. This is a great student job as it allows you to work where and when you want and it is a great opportunity to meet young, like minded people. So if you are a student in London then check out who's hiring now!

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