Find part time jobs in Kings Lynn

Part time jobs in Kings Lynn can allow you to work a second job or fit work around your existing commitments. It is always easier to find full time jobs than part time jobs - and Kings Lynn is no exception - but you can still find occasional part time opportunities, even in the current economy.

A sampling of the current part time jobs available in Kings Lynn include the following:

Team Assistant

Gala Bingo Club has a vacancy for a Team Assistant. Customer focused and able to work in a variety of different settings, this position is responsible for covering various roles within the club, such as front desk, sales and the bar area.

The team assistant must be ready to help out wherever needed, and keep the club clean and presentable while dealing with whatever customer-related issues may arise. No experience is necessary but computer literacy and numeric ability will be tested at the interview stage.

Flexibility with hours is important and part time team assistants may be required to work a variety of hours between 10am - 11pm. The position compensates £6 per hour.

Senior Accounts Assistant

An established company in Kings Lynn is looking for a senior accounts assistant to work a part time schedule of 25 hours per week. Reporting to the Finance Director, the successful candidate will perform various bookkeeping and accounting tasks such as credit control and cash reconciliation.

The position is short term, available for a four to six month period, and compensates £7 to £9 per hour depending on experience.

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