We look for part time jobs in Kildare

These days the Irish economy is looking worse and worse all the time. With media stories about people emigrating, companies pulling out and ongoing government problems not helping consumer confidence, things look set to continue to decline for at least a couple of years yet. However you'll be pleased to know that this hasn't had any particularly noticeable effect on the number of part time jobs in Kildare, assuming you know where to look and are willing to use a little bit of your local knowledge in order to give yourself a head start ahead of other job seekers.

When looking for work, many people decide to use the internet for their main search tool. This is a good idea in many cases, but not this one in our expert opinion. Job sites are primarily focussed on bring in revenue through the purchase of ad space by companies in need of staff. For this reason alone, you are unlikely to find many part time job vacancies advertised on them

Instead you're going too have a much better chance of finding what you're looking for by calling into these businesses in person. Whoever the big question is how do you know who to call into and why to avoid? As with most places in Ireland, the majority of part time work in Kildare comes in the retail sector.

In particular, you are most likely to have success by focussing your search on companies like Tesco and Super Valu, both of whom have great track records for hiring part time employees and treating them right. For entry level positions with both companies you can expect to earn between €8.80 and €9.15 per hour, though this will increase with your experience.

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