Many part time jobs available in Kerry

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Anyone looking for a little extra income will be delighted to know that there are plenty of part time jobs available in Kerry. Killarney and Dingle are two of the main towns in Kerry and they all have a plethora of vacancies for part time workers.

Dingle and Killarney are two major tourist hot spots in Ireland and present fantastic opportunities for people looking for part time work. Both towns have booming hospitality sectors, and the many restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs situated here are constantly on the look out for part time staff.

It's relatively easy to pick up part time jobs in Dingle and Killarney's hospitality sector. Even without qualifications, you still stand a very good chance of securing employment. If you have experience of working in the industry, you're in a great position for getting hired.

There are a number of excellent websites that are well worth keeping an eye on when you're looking for part time jobs in Kerry. Indeed, Kerry Jobs and Careerjet are a few of the leading job sites where you can register for email updates of the latest part time jobs to become available.

You can also upload your CV to make your profile available to the numerous employers in Kerry who use these sites when they're looking for new staff.

Getting out and about and handing your CV into business premises is another excellent way of securing part time jobs in Kerry. It might take a little longer than searching the web, but it's a great way of achieving results in the jobs market.

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