The availability of part time jobs in Kent

Part time jobs in Kent are a surprising opportunity for those looking either for temporary jobs or for jobs that allow them to have other activities as well. The industries that you can work for are quite diverse without focusing on a major sector.

Major Employers

It is difficult to mention the exact employers that you could work for because many of the job vacancies in Kent are advertised by the recruitment agencies on different websites such as jobsinkent.com. Here are some of the recruiting companies that may offer supplementary details on the employers: JJ Recruitment, Mars Recruitment, PDR Solutions, King Hill Recruitment, and many others.

Major Industries

Although it is supposed that the world economy is going through a recession period, the job possibilities in Kent don’t seem to agree with that statement. There are numerous industries that you may choose to work for as a part-time employee and here are some of the best: Finance and Accounting Services, Legal Services, Secretarial and Administrative Services, Health Care System, Transport Industry and Electricity Services.

Salary Expectations

Most part time jobs in general are paid by the hour and that is also true in the case of part time jobs in Kent. Below you can take a look at some of the salary expectations related to part time jobs available in Kent:

  • HGV Class 1 Driver can get minimum £8 and maximum £12 per hour if he or she works night shifts for example. Part time drivers should expect irregular working hours.
  • Administrators can gain between £7.80 and £8.85 working 20 hours per week.
  • A Personal Assistant in the legal system may be paid with £8,000 per annum and would have a very flexible schedule.
  • Night Caretakers in the health care sectors can get as much as £10 per hour and a minimum of £8.00 per hour.


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