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There are plenty of part time jobs in Horsham, West Sussex and the surrounding areas. The hardest part can be knowing where to start your new job search. Popping into the local job centre is always a good place to start. They can offer you one to one guidance and can even help you with setting up your first interview.

As Horsham is located just over 30 miles south-west of London you can be assured that there are many office blocks in the area. For this reason you may find part time work as a telesales executive. There is a major provider of broadband and telecommunication services located in Horsham. Global 4 often have positions available within their customer service and telesales department.

If this is not for you, why not apply to be a part time receptionist in Horsham? First Recruitment Services are an excellent agency in the local area and they often have vacancies for administration or receptionist duties. Some of these contracts may be just temporary positions but if you do a good job the agency will be more than happy to assist you with finding further work!

Before you go job hunting, always ensure that your CV is up to date. Part time positions usually don't require as many skills as full time jobs do but make sure to clearly highlight any experience that may be related to the position you are applying for! You need to stand out from the crowd.

Hopefully this article will help you when looking for part time jobs in Horsham, West Sussex.

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