How to prepare a great CV for part time jobs in Greater London

Just because you're looking for part time jobs in Greater London, it doesn't mean your CV has to be sub-standard. In today's tough economy, even part time jobs have many applicants so, if you want to improve your chances, you need a CV that stands out and makes a potential employer look at you twice. Here's how to write one.

Just One Page - A great CV for any part time job in Greater London should only be one page long, which is why it needs to be perfect. Only include your name, address and telephone number, names of schools you attended, dates you graduated and qualifications you received, a list of 3-4 previous jobs, and a section on computer and other relevant skills.

Create a Clean Design - Don't cram too much information onto your CV. Use a clean design, with lots of white space, and make it easily readable.

Stress Your London Jobs - If you've had a variety of jobs with only some of them in London, choose the London jobs to put on your CV first. Employers often hire part time workers who are familiar with the area and are 'local people', as it gives them a bigger sense of security.

Highlight Job Longevity - If you've stayed at a part time job for a year or more, stress this on your CV. Employers like to hire part time staff that might stick around for longer than a few months. This is particularly important in London where, with so many job opportunities, part time staff tend to come and go.

Proofread - Everyone makes mistakes, so make sure you proofread your CV several times before you print it. Employers will not hire someone whose CV is riddled with errors, as it means you're likely to be a careless employee.

Look for part time jobs in London at londonjobs.co.uk or at londoncareers.net - they have a huge listing of vacancies for coffee shop assistants, retail assistants, fundraisers, secretaries, accountants and more. Upload your CV and start applying.

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