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Are you currently looking for part time jobs in Gravesend, Kent? Gravesend has plenty of opportunities when seeking part time work. You can find loads of part time jobs in Gravesend in the retail sector.

The local media is the best place to find retail job advertisements. Local newspapers such as the Gravesend Reporter have a wide range of jobs in the classifieds section. Listen out to some of the local radio stations for the latest job advertisements as well.

If retail is your thing, then your best chances of finding a job is to simply take a walk around the local shops with your most up to date CV. You will find several supermarkets in Gravesend including Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury's. They often have vacancies for stock assistants and sales assistants. Don't worry if you have no previous experience as many of these positions require little or no experience.

St. George's Shopping Centre is another place that is worth dropping some CVs into. There are over 40 shops in the centre, most of which hire part time staff to help run the business. You will find many high street names such as Boots, Argos, Evans and Clarks here.

If retail isn't your thing, then why not apply to some of the bars and clubs for part time jobs in Gravesend, Kent? You will find them scattered all over the town and they regularly require an extra pair of hands to help out at busy times such as evenings and weekends.


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