Part time jobs in Galway for students

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Galway is one of Ireland's most beautiful cities, and it's popularity with tourists and student population makes it a good place to find part time work. There are lots of part time jobs in Galway for students. Some of your options include:

Part time Administrator - There are many offices and larger companies in Galway that need people with administrative skills. Receptionists and personal assistants are some examples of positions available. These jobs can readily be found on websites such as jobs.ie and irishjobs.com.

Part time shop assistant - Galway has hundreds of little antique shops and high street fashion brands filling its windy streets. Simply pop in with a CV, talk to the manager and who knows what they might be able to offer you?

Part time bar work - Galway has a diverse nightlife. Many bars and clubs can be seen in Eyre Square as well as other locations throughout the city. Late night bars open 7 nights a week so there is always a need for part time bar staff. Expect to work late nights and weekends on a regular basis!

Part time waiting staff - As well as there being loads of bars and clubs, Galway also has many cafes and restaurants in the city centre. There are also plenty of take aways and cafes that you could apply to.

There are lots more opportunities out there for students who are looking for part time jobs in Galway but this list shows some of the most popular choices. Good luck finding your next job!

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