Make some extra money with these potential part time jobs in Folkestone

There are many reasons why you might be interested in checking out these potential part time jobs in Folkestone, such as not wanting to leave a young family with a babysitter or childminder while you work during the day, not being able to fulfil the requirements of a full time for one reason or another, or simply because you want to make a little extra money on top of your current job. However the fact is that none of that actually matters when it comes to locating these positions.

While most people are still struggling to find anything reliable in terms of part time work using the internet, those who know the score are out and about, doing their own footwork and sourcing jobs from places that those who rely on the internet will never find.

Sounds far fetched? Well it's actually not. It's common knowledge that the majority of part time positions never make it as far as the web for one of two reasons. Firstly because they tend to be filled exceptionally quickly, and secondly because these sites actually charge the employer in order to have their ad hosted. If you're just looking for a retail assistant to work 16 hours a week it's going to be hard to justify an advert insertion fee that could cost anywhere between a week and a month's worth of wages for the individual.

Instead, your best chance of finding work is to check out the nearest retail hot spots to you, and hand in CVs in person to all the stores where you would be interested in working. We know it sounds a little old fashioned, but it works!

Here's a list of major Folkestone retailers to make your search a little easier;

  • Bouverie Place Shopping Centre, 8 Alexandra Gardens
  • Sainsburys, 5 Bouverie Road West
  • Morrisons, 148 Cheriton Road
  • Lidl, St Eanswythe Way


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