We can help you find part time jobs in Fleet, Hampshire

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Fleet is a busy town in Hampshire. Although part time jobs can be scarce, with our guidance you should find it a little easier to find part time jobs in Fleet, Hampshire. People choose to work part time for a number of reasons - students often find full time employment to help with their studies, or maybe you already have a full time job but need a few extra pounds each week to make ends meet. Whatever your reason, we hope this guide can help you.

Your CV

Make sure your CV is up to date. This means that you have your latest exam results and work experience included. You should also make sure your references are still valid. Ensure your CV is free from spelling or grammar mistakes as not many employers will look favourably on errors.

Finding job advertisements

There is a range of places to find the latest job advertisements. Local newspapers such as the Fleet Courier are a good place to start. Local radio stations also have regular bulletins throughout the day. You could try your local job centre or recruitment agencies to see what they have available. Websites such as jobsite.co.uk or ukparttimejobs.co.uk may also have some vacancies advertised.

Which industry?

Retail is a favourite of many people when it comes to working part time. The Hart shopping centre is worth checking out. There are also many local supermarkets that you could apply to in the area. Bars and clubs will also take staff on to work evening and weekends.

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