Part time jobs in Dublin, Ireland

If you're presently looking for part time jobs in Dublin, then you're more than likely aware of the amount of competition you face when applying for such a limited number of part time vacancies.

There are general rules which people follow when going about getting a job, however some people choose to ignore these. The basic stereotypical view of acquiring a part time job is simple; create a CV then hand them into businesses left, right and centre. With the amount of people applying for part time jobs in Dublin at present this is simply not sufficient.

CVs must stand out, and must be accompanied by a non generic cover letter. High quality CVs can be created for you personally by industry specialists, such as cvireland.ie who offer different CV building options specific to career levels.

Once a professional looking CV has been created the next step is to search for relevant jobs. These days most recruitment agencies in Dublin are listed on the major job brokerage websites, notably jobs.ie and irishjobs.ie. These firms allow you to upload your new CV to their database which enabled you to then filter part time job search results specific to Dublin, and then simply submit your CV and cover letter through their web based platform.

If your application for a job which you have applied for is considered you should be notified via email with further details.

On the presumption that you get offered an interview at some stage during the job application process, there are a few very basic tips which can really help you get the job.

  1. Do some research on the firm, make sure you know a general background on the operations of the company.
  2. Predict their basic questions, and have some answers prepared.
  3. Dress appropriately.
  4. Go in with a positive attitude and smile!


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